Land Use &
Land Cover

Empowering decision-makers to be planetary superheroes through AI powered planetary insight!


resolution based on Copernicus Sentinel-2 satellite imagery


accuracy with 10 land cover categories

lulc map 1

IO Land Use & Land Cover

Leaders in governments, NGOs, finance and industry need trustworthy, actionable information about the changing world to understand opportunities, identify threats, and measure the impacts of actions.

IO Land Use & Land Cover (LULC) meets this need with timely, up-to-date maps at previously unobtainable scale. We use AI-powered algorithms to create user-designated maps on-demand, automatically, anywhere on Earth, from local to global scale.

lulc map 2

Industry-leading resolution and timeliness based on Copernicus 10m Sentinel-2 weekly imagery delivers previously unobtainable insight into landscapes around the world. Multi-category land use and land cover maps capture the diversity of Earth's changing ecosystems.