Our Products and Capabilities

Impact Observatory builds revolutionary AI-powered geospatial algorithms & on-demand data.

Our Products

Monitoring on Demand

Impact Observatory uses a unique machine learning approach to classify land use and land cover (LULC) categories globally through automation. Custom 10 m/pixel maps can be available for any area of interest in the world, from a specific site to an entire country, allowing users to monitor the status and changes in areas they care about.

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Annual Global Maps

AI-powered algorithms map the world at previously unobtainable scale and speed. Understand the historical trends impacting your areas of interest.

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Our Capabilities

satelite orbiting Earth

On Demand Mapping

Near real-time mapping customized for your area of interest. Get on-demand data to better understand the places you care about.

Aerial picture of trucks clearing out trees from a forrest. Deforestation

Change Monitoring

Accurate detection of land use changes over time at scale. Monitor natural and human impacts across any areas of interest.