Impervious Surfaces

Design stormwater management strategies, mitigate urban heat, and assess flood risks

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Near Real-Time

Available with the most up-to-date imagery available.

Unlock insights

10m or 3m resolution maps available for your area of interest.

Simple pricing

Standard pricing up to 15,000km² with tiered pricing available for larger areas.

From land use to impervious surfaces maps

Created from two main inputs: our LULC predictions and spectral data from satellite imagery for this same period. The result is a binary map with the same resolution as our source data, which is 10m/pixel for Sentinel-2 imagery, and 3m/pixel for PlanetScope Imagery.

Impervious Surfaces showcased in Redmond, Washington

Monitor changes in impervious surface coverage over time

Support for small and large projects with tiered pricing

Uncover insights at 10m or 3m resolution

Monitor what matters to you with custom orders

Evaluate strategies for urban planning

Model risks from water run-off

Empowering smarter decisions for a better future

IO's Impervious Surface Map fills the gap between lower resolution, out-of-date offering, and more costly map creation.

IO impervious surface map of Bozeman, Montana
Bozeman, Montana

Identify at-risk areas and design appropriate stormwater management strategies

Assess the potential impact of stormwater runoff on new development proposals and projects.

IO impervious surface map of San Antonio, Texas
San Antonio, Texas

Unlock insights on urban heat mitigation

Analyze contributions to models of current and predicted urban heat, enabling cost assessment and effectiveness measures for different greening and cooling interventions.

IO impervious surface map of Singapore

Develop and plan flood risk management strategies

Assess the risk of flooding and related natural disasters, and plan how flood and runoff can threaten key infrastructure and local hydrologic systems.

Dive into the Details

File TypeCloud Optimized GeoTIFF (COG)
ProjectionEPSG:3857 - WGS 84
Spatial ExtentUser selected AOI
Temporal Extent120-day time duration (during seasonal vegetation periods)
Spatial Resolution10 meters
Revisit Frequency5 days, if available cloud-free imagery acquisition over specified AOI
Data Type8-bit unsigned (uint8)
Band 10 - pervious
1 - impervious

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