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AI-powered geospatial monitoring to understand risks and anticipate change at unprecedented speed and scale.

SkyFi and Impact Observatory: Opening Access to Land Monitoring.

Our Mission

Impact Observatory brings AI-powered algorithms and on-demand data to sustainability and environmental risk analysis for governments, industries, and markets. Impact Observatory empowers decision-makers with the timely, actionable, science-based geospatial insights they need to succeed.

On demand data for sustainability planning at scale

Impact Observatory provides data to monitor the health and impact of agriculture, development, and resource extraction across a specific site, a regional watershed, or an entire country.

Monitoring land use change and its impact on the climate

Impact Observatory supports the protection and restoration of nature-based climate solutions through analytics enabling improved protection of carbon-rich landscapes and impact monitoring of mitigation and adaptation actions.

Mapping for measurement of ecosystem health

Impact Observatory produces maps to track environmental trends and threats that enable monitoring and measurement of ecosystem health.

Our Products and Capabilities

Impact Observatory builds revolutionary AI-powered geospatial algorithms & on-demand data for your needs.

IO Land Use Land Cover map of Tampa Bay.

Monitoring on Demand

IO Monitor delivers customers on-demand access to the most up-to-date, best-in-class, space-based global LULC mapping and monitoring.

IO Land Use Land Cover map of Asia and Oceania.

Maps for Good

AI-powered algorithms map the world at previously unobtainable scale and speed. Accurate, timely, global maps released openly for maximum impact.

Aerial picture of trucks clearing out trees from a forrest. Deforestation

Change Monitoring

Accurate detection of land use changes over time at scale. Monitor natural and human impacts across any areas of interest.

Our Company

Founded in 2020 and based in Washington, DC, Impact Observatory’s mission is to empower global decision-makers to be planetary superheroes, with the timely, actionable, science-based geospatial insights they need to succeed.

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Meet the Executive Team

Serial entrepreneurs committed to bringing the best geospatial tech to critical challenges facing governments and the green economy.