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News: Mapping the world in unprecedented detail by Dr. Caitlin Kontgis, Head of Science at Impact Observatory.

Our Mission

Impact Observatory empowers decision makers with the AI technology tools they need to succeed, including algorithms, data, and software.

Tools to plan for sustainable livelihoods and food security

Impact Observatory monitors the health and impact of farming, settlements, and resource extraction across an entire country or regional watershed.

Tools to protect carbon and reduce climate change

Impact Observatory measures the carbon stored in vast landscapes, providing key data to support the creation of new national parks, and show the value of wetlands that protect coastal and upstream communities from disasters.

Tools to restore biodiversity and ecosystem services

Impact Observatory tracks environmental trends, threats, and the impact of actions to reduce biodiversity loss and maintain the clean food and water healthy ecosystems provide.

Our Products

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Land Use and Land Cover Maps

AI-powered algorithms create timely, up-to-date maps at previously unobtainable scale.

colombia carbon

Carbon Mapping

Scalable science-based insights for nature-based solutions to climate change.

costa rica bii map

Biodiversity & Human Impact

Monitoring of biodiversity habitat and the impacts of human development on conservation goals.

Our Team

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Meet the Management Team

Get to know a little bit more about the team members behind IO's innovative products.

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Come join our team of talented individuals united in our mission of empowering decision makers to be planetary superheroes. Our team blends capabilities ranging from data science, analytics, software engineering, machine learning science, science communications, program management, and strategic planning.

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