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10m Land Cover

Understand risks and anticipate change from local to global scale using Geospatial AI

AI-powered monitoring at previously unobtainable speed and scale

Impact Observatory's 10m Land Cover enables you to manage assets and resources, identify opportunities, and anticipate threats to populations, infrastructure, agriculture, and natural resources anywhere in the world. We use AI-powered analysis of images from the best public satellites to help you understand seasonal patterns and multi-year trends for your most valuable assets, and to plan for and analyze the impact of your actions.

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IO Monitor

Spotlighting change in the areas you care about

Impact Observatory’s innovative AI-powered methods automate and accelerate Land Use Land Cover mapping and monitoring in near-real-time. IO Monitor uses a unique deep learning approach to classify land use and land cover categories globally using state-of-the-art Copernicus Sentinel-2 imagery. Custom land use and land cover change maps are available for any area of interest over user-specified time periods, from 2018 to the present.

15 Land Cover Classes

tampa bay land use land cover change detection

Land Use Land Cover Map over Tampa, Florida. Derived from Sentinel-2 satellite imagery


  • Industry-leading accuracy
  • Industry-leading 10m resolution
  • Near real-time maps
  • Easy integration with Esri ArcGIS products
  • 15 Land Use Land Cover Classes (and growing)
  • User-defined areas of interest
  • Tiered pricing per area of interest and per km²
  • Global annual baselines from 2017 to present
  • Delivery via Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS


  • See the world as it is now
  • Track change in its spatial context
  • Capture historical changes in your areas of interest
  • Understand opportunities for development
  • Support land use planning
  • Monitor from local to global scale
  • Transparent pricing
  • Fully automated ordering and delivery
  • Volume discounts for large orders

Near Real-Time Data

IO Monitor’s maps are created from near real-time imagery, allowing customers to scale access from small areas to entire countries, anywhere in the world, as soon as the satellite imagery is published.


Select or customize an area of interest and the time period you want to monitor.

Transparent Pricing

IO Monitor maps are priced by the square kilometer up to 15,000 km2 and available from IO Store without an account. Larger areas have tier pricing by volume, making purchases for states, provinces, or entire countries straightforward.

How IO Monitor Can Help

Timely, actionable data for insights and decisions

Food and Farming

Agricultural expansion can lead to deforestation, soil degradation, loss of biodiversity, and water pollution, and unhealthy crops can create food insecurity. IO Monitor can help assess risks to food systems as well as the surrounding ecosystems by comparing the amount of land under agricultural production to previous growing seasons. One example is the expansion of agricultural land into rainforest areas of South America, clearly visible in this sample data from Bolivia.

example of food and farming through the use of IOs land use land cover map

San Juan del Piari, Bolivia

Food and Farming Sample Data

Sustainable Sourcing

Deforestation is a significant contributor to climate change and a challenge for corporations and governments around the world. For organizations committed to being Deforestation Free, IO Monitor can help identify where supply chains impact tree loss, and provide quarterly change results in the regions where companies operate.

Urban Sprawl and Human Expansion

Cities around the world are growing at incredible rates. IO Monitor can help to verify the magnitude and spatial patterns of this rapid urban expansion. In the span of one year, land in the designated New State Area, Xiong’an, China, shows increases of built area. This same growth can be seen in cities around the world such as New Cairo (Egypt), The Line (Saudi Arabia), and Las Vegas, United States.

example of human expansion through the use of IOs land use land cover map

Xiong’an, China

Urban Sprawl and Human Expansion Sample Data

example of forest water supply through the use of IOs land use land cover map

Dnipro Reservoir in Ukraine

Forests and Water Supply Sample Data

Forests and Water Supply

Forests act as natural water filters, improving the quality of water by removing pollutants and sediment. Trees also help reduce the risk of both floods and droughts. IO Monitor can help assess where forest loss has occurred and might lead to an impact on critical watersheds and downstream communities. Customers use this data to assess risks and prioritize action plans. Tree loss due to conflict increases risk to the downstream Dnipro Reservoir in Ukraine, which can be seen in these results.

IO team working on Land Use Land Cover map

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