3m Land Cover

Our highest-resolution, near-real-time AI-powered land cover

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High-resolution insights

Monitor more than 16 land cover types for insights at 3m resolution.

Near-real-time observations

Leverage daily PlanetScope imagery for the most up-to-date maps in the industry.

Monitor changing conditions

Receive reports on where and when changes are occurring in your area of interest.

Customized date ranges

Maps and monitoring for seasonal or custom date ranges.

Enhanced data to empower your decisions

Detect patterns to enable data-driven decision-making with a clear and up-to-date understanding of any place on Earth.

IO 3m land cover map of Berlin Germany
Berlin, Germany • Powered by Planet

Strengthen urban planning for a climate resilient future

Track and plan a more sustainable urban landscape with data on the development of infrastructure related classes including Roads, Buildings, Bare Ground, Other Built Areas, and Mixed Vegetation.

Infrastructure Monitoring Sample Data
IO 3m land cover map of Tuguegarao Philippines
Tuguegarao, Philippines • Powered by Planet

Understand risks for defense and intelligence

Access the most up-to date maps in any region to monitor changes in roads and infrastructure for suspected or potential activity.

IO 3m land cover map of Coastal Main
Coastal Maine, USA • Powered by Planet

Track seasonal changes to critical natural resources

Understand how changes in natural resources may affect nature-based solutions to climate and biodiversity challenges by utilizing data on Variable and Persistent Water, Dense and Sparse Trees, and Flooded Vegetation.

IO 3m land cover map of Cedar Key, Florida.
Cedar Key, Florida • Powered by Planet

Prepare for humanitarian assistance and rescue operations

More effectively plan for possible damage to communities and infrastructure with our near-real time updated maps highlighting Building and Roads land cover classes.

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Detect 16 land cover classes

Define custom areas of interest

AI-powered for faster geospatial analysis

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Custom date ranges based on local seasons and needs

Uncover insights at 3m resolution

Tiered pricing structure

Your investments, monitored

Infrastructure Monitoring: Building infrastructure change in Coolidge, Arizona between 2020 and 2023, showing early ground disturbance related to residential development projects as “Other Built” in 2020 and changing to the “Building" class in 2023. Scheduled time-series analysis identifies the changes and can prompt the need for a visual inspection of the area.

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3m Land Cover classes

Our Land Cover Maps

Find the map that helps you meet your goals, by comparing Impact Observatory's map offerings.

Maps for Good10m Land Cover3m Land Cover
Spatial Resolution10 meters10 meters3 meters
Spatial ExtentCustom area of interestCustom area of interestCustom area of interest
Date RangeAnnualCustom seasonal or annual datesCustom seasonal or annual dates
Length of Archive2017–20232017–Present2020–Present
Best Suited forBroad long term land cover analysisMonitoring dense and sparse vegetation types and built areas, active and inactive croplands, and seasonal water patterns Monitoring land cover types within urban areas including roads, buildings, mixed vegetation, other built areas
Categories 9 classes15 classes17 classes
Imagery SourcesSentinel-2Sentinel-2PlanetScope & Sentinel-2
Available File TypesCloud Optimized GeoTIFF (COG), PNG and CSVCloud Optimized GeoTIFF (COG), PNG and CSVCloud Optimized GeoTIFF (COG), PNG and CSV

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