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Open access global land cover maps

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Available to all users

Global maps are released open source (CC BY 4.0) in partnership with Esri and Microsoft

Industry leading

10 meter resolution with 85% overall accuracy. Proven to be industry-leading from third parties

9 land cover classes

Standard land cover types for a continuous map of the world

Annual updates

Up-to-date annual land cover maps from 2017 to the most recent full year

The most up-to-date maps of the world

Impact Observatory’s innovative AI-powered methods automate and accelerate Land Use Land Cover mapping and monitoring in near-real-time. IO Monitor uses a unique deep learning approach to classify land use and land cover categories globally using state-of-the-art Copernicus Sentinel-2 imagery. Custom land use and land cover change maps are available for any area of interest over user-specified time periods, from 2018 to the present.

Image of a section of the amazon river depicted through IOs Maps for Good 9 land cover classes
Amazon River

Quantitative insights for sustainable decision-making

Enable data-driven decision-making for science, governments, and organizations with numbers-based insights on land cover types, provided as pre-calculated metrics with every download.

Image of the Georgia mountains depicted through IOs Maps for Good 9 land cover classes
Caucasus Mountains, Georgia

Track environmental and social conditions

Use land cover maps to understand patterns anywhere on Earth, such as urbanization, forest loss and gain, changes in cropland, rangeland, snow and water levels.

Image of Dubai depicted through IOs Maps for Good 9 land cover classes
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Seven year history of data for large-scale changes

A time series from 2017 to the most recent year tells the story land cover in any place over time.

Download a map in minutes with IO Monitor

Maps available as images, no technical skills required

Use pre-calculated metrics for summary statistics

Clip maps to your area of interest

9 land cover classes at industry leading accuracy

Annual maps for 2017 to the most recent year

Behind the Scenes

We use AI-powered analysis of images from the Sentinel-2 satellite to release open data products on all major geospatial platforms, including Esri Living Atlas, Microsoft Planetary Computer, and AWS Registry of Open Data.

Land Use Land Cover Map over Kyoto, Japan

Maps for Good Land Cover classes

Our Land Cover Maps

Find the map that helps you meet your goals, by comparing Impact Observatory's map offerings.

Maps for Good10m Land Cover3m Land Cover
Spatial Resolution10 meters10 meters3 meters
Spatial ExtentCustom area of interestCustom area of interestCustom area of interest
Date RangeAnnualCustom seasonal or annual datesCustom seasonal or annual dates
Length of Archive2017–20232017–Present2020–Present
Best Suited forBroad long term land cover analysisMonitoring dense and sparse vegetation types and built areas, active and inactive croplands, and seasonal water patterns Monitoring land cover types within urban areas including roads, buildings, mixed vegetation, other built areas
Categories 9 classes15 classes17 classes
Imagery SourcesSentinel-2Sentinel-2PlanetScope & Sentinel-2
Available File TypesCloud Optimized GeoTIFF (COG), PNG and CSVCloud Optimized GeoTIFF (COG), PNG and CSVCloud Optimized GeoTIFF (COG), PNG and CSV

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Methodology and Accuracy

Learn more about how our maps achieved 85% overall accuracy.

9 Land Cover Classes

Get detailed descriptions of each of our land cover classes.

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