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IO Land Use Land Cover map of Asia and Oceania.

Medium Post

"Mapping the world with unmatched frequency"

IO's release of Land Use & Land Cover maps covering the years 2017 through 2021, by IO's Mark Hannel.

News Article

"'Eyes of a machine': How to classify Planet Earth"

A BBC article by Jonathan Amos.

Microsoft Customer Story hero image.

Microsoft Customer Story

Using AI to Map a Better Future

Impact Observatory revolutionizes automated mapping speed and detail with Azure high-performance computing.

ESRI blog post hero image.

ESRI Blog Post

A New Land Cover Map of the World

Introducing a ten-meter-resolution open data resource.

NatGeo Magazine Feature

Tracking the Great Serengeti Wildebeest Migration

How a dynamic landscape drives one of the last remaining large-mammal migrations on Earth.

Podcast Episode

The Scene from Above Podcast

Steve Brumby talks Impact Observatory with Alastair Graham and Andrew Cutts.

Land Use Land Cover.

The Milton Partnership Post

The Difference

Milton Group and Impact Observatory are working together to set new innovative standards of land use planning.

Northern California Wildfires.

Fast Company

Esri's Newest Mapping Project

These maps from satellite data show how much Earth has changed in only five years.

Pakistan Floods.

The New York Times

"Very Dire": Devastated by Floods, Pakistan Faces Looming Food Crisis

The flooding has crippled Pakistan’s agricultural sector, battering the country as it reels from an economic crisis and double-digit inflation that has sent the price of basics soaring.